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What we do – by and for – our Clients

LLS Founded




  • Fifteen-Plus years of experience

  • Former A.G.C.O. employee

  • Restaurants / Bars

  • Breweries / Wineries

  • Groceries

  • Golf Courses

  • Sports / Recreational Venues

  • Franchises

  • Retirement / Funereal Homes

  • Others – Spas | Salons | Theatres

  • Outdoor Events | etc

  • Serving major city centers across Canada

  • Clients looking to expand to USA

  • Establishment build assessments

  • Fire and Safety assessments/plans

  • If you like our website -
    We can do yours too

  • Actively engaging partners

  • Assist clients with builds / designs

  • Improve Operations

  •  Staff Training / Augmentation

We are known for submitting accurate applications.

As a full-service consultancy we manage all phases of the liquor licence application.

We ensure you understand your customer responsibilities.

We help with planning your new venture, so get in touch.

We also bring value to you – our Client – leveraging our trusted partners to assist you in several areas.

We’re open to partnerships if it makes sense for our clients.  

About Us

Information...and Industry

Alcohol and Pregnancy

Let's talk about alcohol

Ontario AGCO newsletters - Licence Line - available at the below link: 

  • Click here to learn more…


The BC Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch updated Policy Directives are available at the below link:

  • Click here to learn more

Quebec RACJ recent communication page available at the below link:

Alberta AGLC Liquor News available at the below link:

Manitoba LGCA News Releases available at the below link:

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