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Licence establishments to serve alcohol

Providing services to our clients for many years

Focus on your business and leave the licence application to us

Serving major Canadian Provinces and other regions

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“Expedited, well-informed and prompt service.” Liquor Licence Service (L.L.S) have been an absolute pleasure to work with as we are a restaurant management company with multiple franchises under our umbrella. They are extremely accommodating to our needs and budget while always being easy to reach and contact.  They have been incredibly knowledgeable of our business model and the service they provide for our chains immediately remedies our franchisees to deliver the best restaurant experience to our customers.”

Management Team

Midori Ramen

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Types of Services and Licences

S     E    R     V     I     C     E     S    

L     I     C     E     N     C     E     S

Liquor Licence Application


Transfers / Changes / Extensions

Temporary Extensions



Caterers & Golf Course

Food & Liquor Primary and more...

Establishment Types

Restaurants / Restaurant Franchises
Bar / Sports Bar

Clubs / Night Clubs

Hair Salon / Spas

Bowling Alleys

Golf Courses

Retirement & Funeral Homes

Art Galleries and Cafes

Manufacturer's Licence Application




Retail Store Authorization

Winery, Brewery & Distillery


Establishment Types

Micro Brewery & Winery


Sales at Farmer's Market

Tied House & By-the-glass

Manufacturer's Representative

Licencing types vary by Provinces

Are you certified to serve?

"I was lucky to have found Liquor Licence Services (L.L.S). They are passionate and professional in what they do; as well as friendly and easy to communicate with. Their services are second to none, they kept us informed on every aspect of the process (which was very useful to our business). I am already using their services for another location, and I will gladly recommend, Thanks L.L.S."





Management Team

Akane Sushi Express

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The liquor licence needs are discussed and guidance provided to help you understand the application process.

Information details are gathered to process the respective liquor application and required fees are identified.

Respective municipal forms are identified and processed and applicable municipal fees are paid.

Inspections are coordinated with establishment build teams or with existing owner.

Liquor licence issued once all inspection sign-off is obtained

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"I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to L.L.S for their hard work and dedication. They have once again been successful in acquiring our liquor and business licence without any complications. We are very happy to have used their services and look forward to working with them again in the near







Chung's Caribbean
Restaurant & Lounge

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