The RACJ administers liquor licences for different establishments and functions in the province of Quebec

Alcohol Licences

Types of alcohol liquor licences:


Bar Licence


Club Licence


Restaurant Permit to serve


Restaurant Licence for sale


Grocery Store or Cider Vendor Licence


Wholesaler and Retailer Licence


Alcohol Permit: Olympic Park


Alcohol Licence: Terre des hommes

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Different permits allow for the manufacture and distribution of alcoholic beverages:


Artisanal Production Permit – spirits


Beer Producer


Artisanal Producers Cooperative – spirits


Brewers –beer products


Beer Dispenser Licence – distribute, sell and deliver beer


Distillers – spirits


Wine Producer


Cider Manufacturer


Warehouse – to store the produced products


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Meeting Permit

Meeting Permit – Business:


Permits an organization to sell/serve purchased alcoholic beverages at an external event.


Meeting Permit:


Permits the sale/serving of purchased alcoholic beverages outside of a residence.

A Liquor Licence comes with great responsibility and accountability

Protect your legal-age customers from alcohol overindulgence – it is your right to refuse the sale of additional alcoholic beverages to an intoxicated patron.


Comply with RACJ Inspectors and Police Officer inspections.


Kindly turn away intoxicated persons from entering your premises.


Ensure your staff is trained and certified to serve alcohol.


…and many more.

Your Obligations

Theirs is to ensure you are protecting your customers from alcohol overindulgence through inspection of your premise, liquor acquisition and financial operations; identifying underaged patrons, among others.


Inspections can be conducted by either an RACJ Inspector or Police Officer to ensure compliance with The Liquor Licence Act (LLA) or the Liquor Licence Regulations (LLR).


Can recommend and/or lay charges in violation of The Liquor Licence Act (LLA).

RACJ Obligations